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Michael Kamen

Having conducted Michael Kamen´s music on countless occasions (including tribute concerts in 2013 while Music Director of the Royal College of Music Film Orchestra and at the inaugural MOSMA Festival in 2016), Pablo has developed over the past few years a very close and special relationship with Michael Kamen´s family and the Kamen Estate. He is an adviser to their music collection, guiding the expansion and revitalisation of his music worldwide. Michael Kamen was a pioneer in the promotion of classical music with other musical genres, and Pablo feels a very close connection with many of his works, which he hopes to see performed more regularly in the future.




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After successfully launching in September 2014, the Michael Kamen Project attempts to organise, catalog, digitise and revitalise the music of this renowned composer.  15 years after the “untimely” death of this Juilliard graduate and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music, some of his most acclaimed pieces see the light again in a project that intends to bring them to the forefront of music concert performance. With the support of the  Kamen Estate and family, a process has begun to make more of his music available for research and performances throughout the world.

Creating strategic partnerships with several institutions and organisations is a vital part of the project to help expanding the reach of Kamen’s music, making sure that pieces including his Saxophone Concerto for David Sanborn, Guitar Concerto (composed for Eric Clapton), ballets like Rodin or Eagle´s Nest (commissioned by Teatro della Scalla, Milan) and his Symphony for the Millenium “The Old Moon in the New Moon’s Arms” are pieces easily accessible for music students and orchestras across the world. Never forgetting of course some of his master pieces of film music such as Die Hard,  Lethal Weapon, Band of Brothers, Highlander, Iron Giant, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, X-Men and What Dreams May Come.

Anyone interested in the music of Michael Kamen, his music legacy, his history and music can find through this project an avenue to ask questions, speak about Michael’s music and persona and share their love for this wonderful composer.


Michael Kamen (1948 – 2003) was a fine musician and composer, active in many fields of music.  First and foremost, he was an oboist and along with his friend Martin Fulterman (aka Mark Snow, most well-known for his work on The X Files), was a member of the New York Rock ‘n’ Roll Ensemble, in which he also sang.  Michael parlayed that into a burgeoning career in film, as well as an arranger for artists and bands, such as Pink Floyd, Annie Lennox, Kate Bush and Metallica.  He also worked on ballets and operas. Though it was as a composer and conductor of music for film and television that he achieved his widest public recognition, some of his finest pieces of music reside in his classical repertoire, and are sadly little known to the public these days.

Michael’s greatest gifts as a composer were that of a melodist, combined with a fine sense of harmony and orchestration.  Being comfortable in many forms of musical expression, Michael’s film music sounded ever-vital and unique among media composers; he was one-

of-a-kind, able to fashion a pop or jazz-influenced score, as well as something in the symphonic mould.  He wasn’t afraid to spotlight different solo instruments in his scores and this, together with the aforementioned mastery of melody and harmony, is something that is missed in today’s Hollywood vernacular.


Michael did not approach music as an intellectual exercise but always from an emotional viewpoint.

He described conducting an orchestra being akin to a little boy playing with a train set and one might detect that ever-youthful enthusiasm as part of his character and a kinetic energy present in so many of his scores.His music must not be forgotten, it is simply too good. May this archival of his music, “The Michael Kamen Project”, be the beginning of a great long journey to pay honours to this wonderful composer.

Through this website, all Michael Kamen fans will be able to follow the progress of this archival and research project, share their views, comments and enjoy some of the most incredible findings that the collection has to offer. Stay in tune with #MichaelKamenProject via Twitter (@MichaelKamenMus) and Facebook. Help bring Michael Kamen’s music back where it belongs, so that audiences across the world can also listen to it and appreciate his legacy in crossing classical music with other genres.

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