Urbina meets with the Major of Pamplona Mr. Enrique Maya

The meeting took place after the concert Pablo conducted with the Navarra Symphony Orchestra on April 9th. In this meeting, the Aggregate for Culture & Equality, Mrs. María García Barberena, was also present.  In this meeting Pablo reiterated his support towards the recent candidacy of Pamplona to be selected as one of the cultural cities of the of the UNESCO network, in the category of music. Urbina is one of the Ambassadors selected to support the candidacy.

About this meeting Urbina commented: “For me it is a true honour that the region which saw me grow up, and has given me so many opportunities, wants to be considered for this great recognition of UNESCO, particularly because Pamplona wants to be considered in the category of music, reinforcing all of the heritage and cultural richness that we have in Pamplona and Navarra. Anything I can do to ensure it goes through, even if tiny from my humble position, Pamplona can count on me”.

The official candidacy will be launched at the end of June.